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Instrumentation Industry is Developing Rapidly, Courses are Established in every College and Univers

June of each year, is a time of separation. In this month, the senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination have been carried out once a year. At the same time, college students will have to walk into the workplace.

June goes pass, July comes, some of students, after ten years of hard working, enter the dream schools, some end up wonderful school life, enter the job market formally. Facing life turning point, we might as well look up and have a look at the industry we will choose or is about to enter, how is its present situation and development prospects.

Instrument subject developes with unprecedented speed.

Instrument is an important tool for people to get information, understand nature, transform nature. Involves the national economy, scientific research and related with people's daily in all aspects of production,is a comprehensive project feild to provide equipment and technology for detection, measurement, monitoring and control devices, provides important technical guarantee for human society.With the rapid development of laser technology, electronics technology, automation technology, precision machinery technology, computer and software technology, and the emergence of new materials, new technologies, not only enriched the basic instrumentation engineering disciplines, but also broaden and develop the research field of this discipline, leading the instrument develope to precision, automation, intelligent, integrated, miniaturized and multifunctional.

At the founding of China, the country is in need of rebuilt, and in a period of massive economic recovery and construction. To meet the huge need of instrument class specialized talents of the backbone of a number of large industrial enterprises and national defense industry, Tianjin University in 1952, Zhejiang University took the lead to build a "precision machinery equipment major" and "optical instrument major", and gradually formed a system.

In 1958, several famous universities, such as Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Southeast University, HeFei University of Technology, Beihang University, have the precision instruments major, and according to the Soviet mode, corresponding to each instrument category, are respectively provided with measuring instrument, optical instrument, timekeeping instrument, analysis instrument, thermodynamic instrument, aircraft instruments, electronic measuring instruments, scientific instruments and more than 10 majors. With the party's education career loyalty and patriotic enthusiasm, teachers and students maked hard efforts. In the human, material and financial resources, are very difficult conditions, a batch of our own culture instrument specialized talent came out of school, become a backbone technology power of national economic construction, national defense, scientific research, make the significant achievements.

In the last 10 years, elders ofinstrument field in academia, industry, education sector have made deep studies, analyses and penetrating descriptions for the instrumentation functions and positions. The famous scientist and  academician Wang Daheng, Yang Jiachi, Jin Guofan and so on are highly summarized and pointed out that "the instrument is an important part of the information industry, is the source of information industry", revealed the essence and position of instrument subject, pointed out the development direction of Instrument Science, has far-reaching significance for the development of science, and to campaigning for it. Since then Instrument subject obtained correct position, normative statement and a clear direction of development.

Development speed of instrumentation specialty is unprecedented, in less than 10 years, the scale have almost quadrupled. Present a hot and good state of both enrollment and assignment. The development of this industry, both from the great social demand, but also from the identity to the professional education of society. The professional is grounded on optics, machine, electricity, regarded as knowledge structure, to cultivating wide caliber, thick foundation, wide knowledge talents, to meet the demand of the talents market, adjust the rapid development of information technology momentum.

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