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LandTek Instruments Measuring Management Manual

A, Measurement management system

1, General

The measurement work led by chief engineer, organized and implemented by the management team, with the responsibility of quality department. We aim for the implement of the measurement laws and regulationsthe measurement work in the range of the whole company, and actively promote the use of legal units of measurement, the measurement volume in the company's value traceable to international reference state, to ensure the highest metrological measurement is accurate and reliable, improve the measurement management level and measurement level of the company., to guarantee and improve the product quality service.

2, Measurement managing system management

The company management system of measurement are organized by the metering management team, the quality department is responsible for the audit, reported to Chief Engineer for approval after the promulgation of measurement management system, payment, recovery management method with the company file management.

B, The management system of measuring instruments

1, The system refers to the measuring instruments including product components parts detection, production debugging, product testing and other aspects of the measurement instruments.

2, The purchase of measuring instruments

2.1, Eeach section according to need, can put forward applications to buy new or replace of measuring instruments , the application should be made by the management team after verification, approved by the general manager, make equipment procurement organization.

2.2, The purchased measuring instruments shall be a measurement equipment manufacturing license logo, using the legal units of measurement.

3, Measuring instruments, acceptance, storage

3.1, After the arrival of equipment, they should hand in to the metrology management group for approval.

3.2, When the company are not capable of measuring instruments calibration, measurement and management team organize the measuring instruments to the competent institutions for verification, all without verification or calibration unqualified measuring instruments shall not be acceptance of storage. Measurement equipment manufacturing factory product certificate shall not be used as a qualified certificate.

3.3, Equipment department is responsible for retreat and change of the new purchased, examination unqualified measuring instruments.

3.4, The purchase of new metrological verification of measuring instruments through the metering management team confirmed for the financial consumer, metering management team needs to purchase a new measuring instrument for storage, to register formalities, the product certification, specification, verification certificate, the relevant drawings information in centralized custody, number of measuring instruments, card book.

4, Use and maintaining system of measuring instruments

4.1, A measuring apparatus is used and took care by department or individual.

4.2, The verification of measuring instruments eligible, must be strictly carried out using according to use instrument and requirements, in order to ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments. Measurement management team may require that the maintenance of a specific system of measuring instruments operation.

4.3, Everyone must cherish all sorts of measurement instruments, no person shall privately disassembly measurement instruments, when in use must pay attention to the measuring range of the measuring devices, and shall not exceed the scope of the use of. A long time without using the measurement apparatus, it should be properly preserved.

4.4, Users of measuring instruments should pay attention to  the period of validity of the measurement instruments, it is forbiddent to use a instrument out of the verification period or without verifictions, and take the initiative to report measurement management team. In the process of use of measurement instruments if problem is discovered, should be timely reported to supervisor and management team, and reinspection before use.

4.5,  Users measuring instruments should responsible for the daily maintenance of the measuring instruments, maintenance content is set according to the characteristics of measuring instruments, measuring instruments should be kept clean and preserved order.

4.6, Without agreement of metering management team, measuring instruments are not allowed to borrow, if private lending is discovered, the instruments should be retrieved immediately, the parties should punished, and compensated according to the price if the measuring instrument is loss.

5, Measuring instruments discard as useless.

5.1, The measurement instruments without the use of value or no repair value, are applied to scrap by the Department which uses them.

5.2, Scrap application is confirmed by metering management team, then approved by the general manager.

5.3, Accounting of approved scrapped measurement instruments are canceled by the measuring  management team .

C, Periodic verification system of measuring instruments

1, The whole company measuring instrument must be calibrated periodically according to the calibration plan, developed by the management team.

2, ,Measurement instruments are organized to inspect by metering management team, measuring instruments without verification after verification period shall not be used.

3, The measuring instruments verification unit must be in conformity with the relevant requirements of national institutions.

4, All departments in the company need to cooperate with the implementation of periodic inspection of measuring instruments. All the measurement instruments in use must be periodic verification; without verifiction after verification period are not allowed to use; caused by use of the departments responsible for the work.

5, The verification of measuring instruments, must meet the requirements of test procedures, then be put into use.

6, The test instrument, there must be a verification certificate.

7, Record periodic verification of work, store test and test data the file.

8, in the calibration period of measuring instruments, if there is a value problem or damage should be sent to the Department of quality management process, otherwise the users are responsible for quality accidents.

9, The measurement equipment unqualified is prohibited to the circulation of use.

10, The measurement equipment unqualified, to repair, and re examination, can be use after passing.

D, Metrology room management system:

1, The measuring chamber is the company metrological verification important place, people not belongs to the room, without permission are refused to entry. External personnel must have approval by the quality management department to enter.

2, room must be kept clean, dry, quiet, non-smoking, rough and noisy.

3, To ensure the safety of fire work, metrology room flammable items, to designated locations, safekeeping. Other External people shall not hold the flammable, explosive, corrosive goods into the room.

4, Make a safe and civilized production, abide by the measurement system, goods emissions neat, kept indoor clean.

5, conscientiously do a good job of moisture-proof, shock-proof and fire prevention.

E, Management system of measurement data and certificate, sign

1, Strengthen the various measurement data management of incoming inspection, process inspection and final inspection, establish and improve various measurement technology archives.

2, Records of measurement data must be clear, accurate, timely and complete, not allowed to alter, units of measurement must use legal unit of measurement.

3, Verification certificate of various measuring instruments must be kept in the original quality management department, when a position required certificate, a copy of the certificate shall be provided by the Department of quality management.

4, According to the test results and the actual state of the measuring instruments, the measuring  management team is responsible for posting three color status indication.

5, Do all original records well, all kinds of account registration, be sure the data clear, precise.

6, All reports to the superior statements, which need to measure data, the quality management department shall be the standard data.

F, the measurement personnel responsibilities

1, Efforts to study measurement laws and regulations and the metering technology business, understand and be familiar with the structure, test items and requirements on production and product continuously improve the level of the metrology management.

2, understand the requirements for use and maintenance of various measuring instruments, for  measuring instruments turned back from users, make the necessary inspection and maintenance, in order to re allocation.

3, Prepare cycle measuring instruments verification plan, arrange periodical inspection.

4, Be responsible for the issuance and borrow of measuring instruments, to provide various measuring instruments demand to the quality management department, in order to purchase.

5, Regularly go to workshops, inspect in the use of measuring instruments, to find and solve the problems in a timely manner, to ensure uniform value, measurement instruments continued intact.

6, Establish measurement archives management, metrology data management, prepare all original records and register according to the regulations, and provide reliable data for guiding the production and quality management.

7, In violation of the relevant measurement management system, measurement laws and regulations and the company, causing economic losses of personnel, management personnel shall have the right to find out the reason, put forward opinions to the competent leadership.

G,  Responsibilities of metrology verification personnel

1, Be familiar with and master in the methods test project's purpose, task, able to carry out and evaluate the quality and results of verification work, through training and pass the examination and obtain the relevant certificates;

3, Completes the verification work of original records, ensure the original records and related technical data objective, true, complete, clear;

4, To ensure that the certificate of calibration / test certificate / report scientific, fair, accurate, reliable, and be responsible for the issuance of the certificate / report;

5, Keep the laboratory environment, facilities, equipment safe, clean, and orderly;

6, Ensure the standard verification technology, the implementation effective, ensure the use of  measurement standards qualified and be in the period of validity.

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