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NDT and Photoelectric Measurements

Testing Standard for Quick Test of Soil Nutrient

Testing standard for quick test of soil nutrient:
Nutrient measurement index
(1) stability: the absorbance within three minutes of drift less than 0.003;
(2) repeatability: the absorbance less than 0.005;
(3) linear error: red light measuring copper sulfate less than 3%, and blue light measuring potassium dichromate less than 3%;
(4) wavelength range: red and blue light.
PH measurement index:
(1) the test range: 1 ~ 14;
(2) error: ± 0.1.
Salinity measurement index
(1) the test range: 0.01% ~ 1.00%;
(2) the salt content full scale error ± 5%.
Moisture index
Measurements: the soil moisture volume percentage (W%);
1, range: 0-100%;
2, the measurement accuracy: 2% within the 0-50% range.

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