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NDT and Photoelectric Measurements
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Temperature Meter TM-1310
Spec: Used to measure the temprature of liquids, gases, solids and surface temperature.
Model: TM-1310


* Used the exclusive MICRO-COMPUTER LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer the high accuracy measurement & fast measuring time.
* Can match any standard type K (Ni Cr Ni Al) sensor. Fitted with standard K probe socket.
* With Celsius degree and Fahrenheit degree conversion.
* The Max. Value and Min. Value will be automatically stored in memory.
* Wide measuring range & high resolution.
* Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors.
* LCD display allows clear read out even at bright places.
* The use of durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, light weight ABS-plastic housing assures maintenance free performance for many years. The housing has been carefully shaped to fit comfortably in either hand.






NOTE: The name of RS232 Software is 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' after downloading. Just decompress 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' with Decompress Software, Enter a folder named 'RS232_EN_4.0' is abtained. There are RS232 Software and install instruction inside the folder.

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