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Cocoa Bean Moisture Meter MC-7825COCOA
Spec: Be a powerful instrument for measuring and diagnosing dampness in cocoa. Widely used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture  in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of pack
Model: MC-7825COCOA


* Digital   display   gives   exact reading with   no guessing or errors while a colour coded light (LED) indicates the moisture condition of the material. This combined presentation of moisture measurement helps the user to map the extent of problems and monitor changes in condition precisely and reliably.
* Used the exclusive Micro-computer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement. It can obtain automatically the temperature corrected moisture value.
* Wide measuring range and high resolution.
* Automatic power off to conserve power.
* Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and printing by the optional USB cable or bluetooth adapter.






NOTE: The name of RS232 Software is 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' after downloading. Just decompress 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' with Decompress Software, Enter a folder named 'RS232_EN_4.0' is abtained. There are RS232 Software and install instruction inside the folder.

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