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NDT and Photoelectric Measurements
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Spec: The LTTS Digital Tension Meter is a hand-held device which accurately measures the running as well as statictensions of a wide variety of process materials including yarns, fibers, wires, optical fibe
Model: LTTS


* It employs the ‘three-roller principle’ of tension test.
* High accuracy and high resolution.
* Power is supplied by 4xAAA alkaline battery.
* With 4 measurement unit for selection, N, kg, lb, g.
* Current Value, Max. Value, Peak Value, Min Valuevcan be displayed at the same time.
* With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.
* The Meter takes 62 tension measurements per second and displays the average of these measurements.
* Optional data output, by USB cable or Bluetooth adapter.




  Digital TensionMeter_LTTS_Catalog

  Digital Tension Meter-LTTS_EN_Manual


NOTE: The name of RS232 Software is 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' after downloading. Just decompress 'RS232_EN_4.0.rar' with Decompress Software, Enter a folder named 'RS232_EN_4.0' is abtained. There are RS232 Software and install instruction inside the folder.

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