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Bluetooth Printer
Spec: Bluetooth printing technology can be applied to all kinds of instruments produced by our company to realize fast and  direct printing of measurement data.


Bluetooth printer is the application of Bluetooth technology in the printer. It is a technology to get rid of the inconvenience brought by the connection cable, providing wireless printing, reducing the uncomfortable cable on the desktop. Also, it allows the printer to be moved freely, placed in a suitable location.
Through the application of Bluetooth printing technology, the measurement data of various measuring instruments can be printed quickly and directly, which greatly saves the time needed to process data.

 Bluetooth Printing Technology

Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity, short distance wireless communication specification. Compared with infrared, Bluetooth technology has higher cost, but it also has higher performance. The transmission speed is more efficient with further distance. It is not limited by obstacles, with good performance of security and very strong anti-interference. The Bluetooth printer technology greatly improves office efficiency, so that office equipments can achieve interoperability without cable.
With the development of Bluetooth technology, people are more and more inclined to get rid of the shackles of wired devices, and consumers are becoming more and more interested in this part. Bluetooth printers are popular with consumers as they are portable and wireless.
* Easy To Operate
Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology, it requires no fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up. Cable is not necessary for connection, so that very convenient to use. It can be put into use by simply paired, the operation threshold is low.
* Faster Transmission Speed
Compared to infrared and other ways, the Bluetooth protocol has obvious advantages in speed.

 Applied Products

Bluetooth printing technology can be applied to all kinds of instruments produced by our company to realize fast and direct printing of measurement data. Products that can be applied include:
Gloss Meter, Whiteness Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge, Vibration Meter, Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Force Gauge, Shore Hardness Tester, Leeb Hardness Tester, Barcol Impressor, Foam Hardness Tester, Fruit Hardness Tester, Tension Meter, Surface Roughness Tester, Humidity Meter, Dew Point Meter, Moisture Meter, Tachometer, Anemometer, Lux Meter, Sound Level Meter, Window Tint Meter, etc..



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