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Soil Load Penetrometer / Ground Bearing Capacity Detector FM-204DJ
Model: FM-204DJ


Universal type penetrometer is based on the geotechnical experiment: the penetration of soil and the dry density of soil, the relationship between the relationship between the penetration and water content of soil and the relationship

between soil water volume and compactness, through a lot of penetration and ring cutting parallel contrast test And establish

the regression equation, the rate of penetration resistance between the dry density and the related data sheet.   By measuring the penetration resistance and looking up the table, the dry density can be quickly obtained, and then the compaction

coefficient can be quickly calculated. Two, main technical parameters


* It has no radiation, nuclear contamination, and is cheap, small and easy to carry in the field.

* It is used in domestic industrial and civil construction, highway, railway, road and bridge, municipal drainage, oil pipeline, water conservancy, dam construction, dike, irrigation canal, reservoir construction, airport runway engineering.

* Penetration method a group of tests up to 15-20 minutes, high efficiency, fast, productivity liberation.


Measuring range

0kg-100kg (0N-1000N)

Test depth


Material testedall kinds of backfill soil, clay, sand and mixed soil after rolling

Application environment

highway, railway, reservoir, dike, dam and civil building, etc

Test results

filling resistance, relative density, compaction coefficient and foundation bearing capacity


2 AA batteries(6 V dc matching)

Weight (excluding battery)

instrument 415 g, handle 295 g, probe rod 380 g.

Accuracy of the test


shutdown mode

Close automatically or manually shut down 10 minutes


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