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Hardness Tester-HT-6510NT
Spec: It can accurately measure and record hardness of various things (e.g., the hardness of coatings, plastics, wood, or metal materials).
Model: HT-6510NT


* The measured surface can be flat or curved.

* Not limited by area size.

* Easy to operate, stable performance.

* Easy to carry and other characteristics.


The spring compression deformation, the force generated by the load on a known diameter of the test head, with the test head to mark the coating surface to be tested to check whether the coating surface is damaged, the test results in Newton.


Pressure test spring materialSpring steel
Test head materialTungsten carbide
Test head diameter0.5mm (Opel, optional)
0.75mm (Bosch, standard)
1.0mm(optional) (conforming to IS01518 and DEF)
Spring pressure range0N~3N (marked in blue)
0N~10N (marked in red)
0N~20N (yellow mark)
0N~40N (white mark), (optional)


Hardness Tester-HT-6510NT-User's Manual-Color page

Hardness Tester-HT-6510NT-User's Manual

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