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Fog Film Gloss Meter HGM-2000
Spec: 0GU-2000GU
Model: HGM-2000


* is suitable for the maintenance of the flfloor, surface cleaning, such as surface gloss measurement.

* stones, the glossiness of ceramic tile measurement, spray paint and other surface gloss measurement.

* paint, ink, paint coating, such as wax membrane and car body paint surface gloss measurement

* the product design and production in line with international:ASTMD523ASTMD1455ASTMC346ASTMC5 84ASTMD2457IS02813DIN67530 ENIS07668JISZ8741MFT30064 PINPIT480GB9754GB/T13891 GB7706 and GB 8807 standard.Technical parameters meet the criteria of JJG 696-2002.

* plastic, paper and other surface gloss measurement.

* other non-metallic materials such as surface gloss measurement.

* can also show 200 Angle, Angle of 600 and 85. Angle measuring glossiness.


        GLOSS (GLOSS) - measuring the percentage of the number of reflflected light. Reflflection fog shadow (HAZE) - due to bad coating pigment dispersion in the microstructure of emulsion appearance, will happen this optical effffect known as fog.Phenomenon: fog fifilm is high gloss surface characteristic of the phenomenon. Tiny grain of high gloss surface near the main produce low intensity in the direction of the reflflected light scattering light, but much of the incident light in the mirror reflflection, makes the surface seems to be high gloss and image quality, but the images have a milky mist. The lower the fog shadow reading, surface quality, the better.


Photometric units GU

Measuring range

0GU~2000 GU

±1.5 (relative to the reference standard of JJG 696-2002)


0.1GU, repeatability :±0.5GU, error of indication: less than ±1.2GU

Projection Angle

20°, 60° and85°

Fog shadow units HU resolution± 0. 1 HU, repeatability ± 0. 2 HU,±1.5 HU reproducibility
The measurement area

7mm x14mm (ellipse)

Numerical memory 56 groups
Environment temperature 0°C~40°C

Relative humidity

less than 85%


3.7v lithium battery
Size140mm x45mmx75mm

±310 g(including battery)


  Fog Film Gloss Meter HGM-2000_Catalog

  Fog Film Gloss Meter HGM-2000_Manual

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