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ATP fluorescence detector manual ATP-100
Spec: 0-9999
Model: ATP-100


* The ATP rapid detector adopts special sealing material to improve light avoidance, and the   detection results are more accurate and stable.

* Simple interface, easy to operate.

* Bottom detection, not affected by the instrument holding or placement Angle, detection data is   not interfered, the result is more stable.

* Integrated box design, convenient for travel and carrying.

* Significantly low background values are more conducive to the detection of trace ATP, with good   reproducibility, providing users with more reliable and accurate numbers


Food, medicine and health, medicine, daily chemical, papermaking, industrial water treatment, national defense and environmental protection, water

administration, customs entry and exit quarantine and other, law enforcement departments and other industries.



1X10-15 mol ATP(standard)

Detection limit

≤1.0 CFU/ml

Detection range

0RLU~9999 RLU (Relative luminous unit)

Fecal coliform

≥1×10-6 CFU
Testing time1 second-60 second

Testing interference

±5﹪or±5 RLUs

background value


Check out the mode

RLU or Coliform screening

Limit number can be set

More than1000

Storage size

More than3000
Test resultsUSB port results can be transferred to a PC


Weight (battery included) 265 g

Operatingtemperature range

          0℃~ 40℃         

Relative humidity range 20﹪-85﹪
Continuous degree                                  600

           Power Supply

                        2x1.5V AA(UM-3) battery

Standard Accessories

    Main Unit   Carrying Case(B04)

Optiopnal Accessories

Test Swabs

RS-232C Data Cablewith Software


ATP fluorescence detector manual-100-CATALOG

ATP fluorescence detector manual-100-MANUAL

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